Resources from Nuts & Bolts Session #3 Let’s Talk About: Disasters

The following are resources that were shared, discussed or referenced at Nuts & Bolts Session #3 Let’s Talk About: Disasters hosted on April 07, 2021:


University of Victoria – RIM Policy:

Canadian Council of Archives:

The Government of Canada – Before an Emergency:

The Canadian Conservation Institute:


IT Disaster Recovery Plan (US gov):

National Institute of Standards and Technology (US gov):

The Council of State Archivists – PrEP Pocket Response Plan:

National Archives and Records Administration (US gov): (this page has been superceded but contains some good resources and a link to NARA’s current policy)

Northeast Document Conservation Center: and their Digital Preservation resources page:


Planning For Uncertainty | The Case of Local Disaster Planning by Jack D. Kartez and Michael k. Lindell (pdf):

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