Although it is not ARMA VI’s intention to sell personal information to third parties as part of a mailing list or otherwise, nonetheless, ARMA VI recognizes the potential for others to observe or otherwise obtain information provided by the reader through electronic means. ARMA VI makes no guarantees whatsoever with respect to the privacy of information provided to ARMA VI via the Internet (i.e. e-mail). In no event shall ARMA VI be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or related to the release of information, personal or otherwise, to ARMA VI by the reader, even if ARMA VI has been advised, knew, or should have known of the possibility of such damages. No confidential relationship shall be established in the event that any user of this Internet site should make any oral, written, or electronic response to ARMA VI (e.g. feedback, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.) Such response and any information submitted shall be considered non-confidential. ARMA VI shall be free to reproduce, publish or otherwise use such information including any ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or know-how disclosed therein, for any purpose including developing, manufacturing and/or marketing of goods or services. The sender of any information to ARMA VI is fully responsible for its content, including its truthfulness and accuracy.

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