FNPSS RIM Assessment Toolkit

Knowing what information has been kept, where it is kept and how to access it, and how long it needs to be kept is often not that simple; most organizations struggle with maintaining a healthy RIM program (with policies, procedures, and guidelines) that meets organizational and legal requirements.

The RIM Assessment Toolkit is self-guided so that First Nations government and/or organization employees responsible for RIM can complete RIM assessments at their own pace with the ability to access additional resources and support as needed. It offers assistance on how to conduct a RIM Assessment to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of a government’s or an organization’s RIM program.

The Toolkit is available in an easy-to-follow web-based format, or can be downloaded as a PDF with online supporting tools. Visit https://fnps.ca/resources/#rimassessmenttoolkit to access the Toolkit. 

Please forward this RIM announcement to those in your organization responsible for RIM. Questions? Contact info@fnps.ca

RIM Assessment Toolkit – Info Poster

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