EDRMS in Theory & Practice

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ARMA Vancouver Island and Government Records Services, Shared Services BC have teamed up to offer you an afternoon dedicated to EDRMS (Electronic Documents and Records Management System) implementation.

Weimei Pan, PhD candidate at UBC’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS), and Bernice Chong, Manager of Operations for the Law Society of BC, are both leading local experts on EDRMS implementation and will bring their experiences to this afternoon event.

The two presentations are structured so that you’ll gain both theoretical and practical insights’we’ll cover both ‘Why EDRMS?’ and ‘How do I even begin to implement it in my organization?’

We want to offer you tools, tips, suggestions and lots of enthusiasm that you can take back to the office and put to use the very next day.

Session Info:

  1. ‘Fun’ in ‘Functional’: Factors in the Acceptance of EDRMS (Weimei Pan, SLAIS (UBC))

This presentation aims to present the findings of the ‘Putting the ‘Fun’ back in ‘Functional” project. It will discuss the social, organizational, and technological factors influencing the introduction, change management, and the continued use of EDRMS. The findings are grounded in a systematic literature review of technology acceptance, implementation and use of EDRMS and an analysis of the qualitative data collected through semi-structured interviews. The findings will provide a valuable reference for records and information and IT managers, especially those who will roll out an EDRMS or are struggling to improve uptake.

  1. Safari into EDRMS (Case Study) (Bernice Chong, Law Society of British Columbia)

This presentation is a case study of the Law Society of British Columbia and their implementation of an electronic document records management system. Highlights of both the strengths and challenges of the implementation plan will be presented along with:

Background information about the Law Society and its functions;
Review of the history of records and information management at the Law Society and its state according to ARMA’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles;
Highlights of the processes undertaken by the organization to facilitate the acceptance of information management and the roles and responsibilities of staff.

When: Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time: 1:00 pm until 3:30 pm (registration is @ 12:45 pm)

Where: St. Ann’s Academy Auditorium, 835 Humboldt St., Victoria, BC

Cost: $20 (ARMA members and GRS Employees ; $25 non-members

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